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Stephen Dent’s Bad Moms Review

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Get ready, I’m about to do something that is not very Stephen Dent-like, review a chick flick movie! Not only that I’m here to say it was a pretty solid movie. I have to confess I did see it during mandatory date night with the wife but that doesn’t take away from the movie – it is very watchable and entertaining. For those of you with kids you will really sympathize with the main characters and as a man you will realize that a lot of the same complaints that were risen of Jackie’s husband in the movie were valid. So here is the backstory. Jackie catches her husband cheating on her online and finally gets fed up with trying so hard to be good mom and starts to neglect her duties as a mother. Along with her friends they go up against Christina Applegate who is basically the lead trophy wife at the school and the President of the PTA. Jackie runs against her while running into some problems of her own, which leads to her daughter getting kicked off the soccer team – but we find out it was really Christina Applegate who set up the daughter in order to keep her position as the PTA President.

Some of the high points of the movie are the comedic relief that Kathryn Hahn brought to the role. She is a lesser known actress then Mila Kunis and Kristin Bell but she really steals the show with how funny she is. Her mom character is the trashy one who doesn’t show enough love to her son, but that all changes in the end. Kristen Bell’s character is a bit underused here but that makes since because she plays a quieter than a church mouse type of mom who does everything for her husband. When she finally fights back against her husband and tells him to “deal with it” after he asks her to come home while watching the kids, it’s a real powerful moment and really represents what the movie is talking about – the women are so sick of doing everything that is why they ultimately choose to be bad moms. Of course this doesn’t last and in the end there is a more of a balance in each one of the mom’s parenting and lives.

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