Stephen Dent’s Big Lebowski Review

I just watched this movie for the first time last night. I had seen parts but never had made it through the entire film. Boy was I glad to do so this time. What a great movie! The story is entrancing and the visual effects and the filmography makes the movie (at times) a psychedelic experience. Now the main character The Dude mentions that he has done Acid before so the dreams that he has every now and then are like a crazy acid trip. And the movie is quite the same. Oh the premise starts out normal enough. A laid back loser called The Dude, likes to bowl with his friend Walter, a pissed off Vietnam vet, and Steve Bushemi – who only says a couple of words the whole movie. Now here is where the story takes a strange turn. Apparently the Dude shares the same last name of Lebowski with a richer Lebowski and this gets him pulled into a strange predicament – two thugs come into his house and demand money. Apparently Jeffrey Lebowski’s wife owes this guy Jackie Treehorn some money. Of course the dude doesn’t have a wife so he’s of course not the guy that the thugs want. Before they leave one of them pees on the rug which “really tied the room together.” The Dude talks with his friends at the bowling alley about it and is convinced to go to the other Lebowski’s house and demand a replacement. The millionaire Lebowski doesn’t think much of the dude and send him on his way advising him to get a job and make something of himself, not look for the charity of others to satisfy his life. In wicked fashion, the dude lies to Lebowski’s assistant and takes a rug anyway.

The dream sequences in the movie and the Walter character really make this movie entertaining for me. The dude is cool but John Goodman’s Walter character tends to steal the show at times in fits of crazy veteran induced anger, including pulling a gun on a bowler who was going to record a false score.

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